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St Stephen with St Matthias, Sneinton

Place: Nottingham



St John & St Barnabas, Belle Isle

Place: Leeds

The Reverend Chris Buckley


St Peter, Hoyland

Place: Hoyland

The Reverend Richard Parker


St Wilfrid, Hickleton

Place: Hickleton

The Reverend Carl Schaefer


St Helen, Auckland

Place: Bishop Auckland

The Reverend Robert McTeer


St Peter, Marton-in-Craven

Place: Skipton

The Reverend Canon Nicholas Turner


St John, Horbury Bridge

Place: Horbury

The Reverend Christopher Johnson


All Saints, Broughton

Place: Skipton

The Reverend Canon Nicholas Turner


The Holy Family, Failsworth

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Canon Paul Hutchins


Holy Trinity, Doncaster

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend Jeffrey Stokoe


Christ the King, Bowburn

Place: Durham

The Reverend John Livesley


St Barnabas, Crewe

Place: Crewe

The Reverend Ralph Powell


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