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St Cyprian, Nottingham

Place: Nottingham



St Paul, Brierley

Place: Brierley

The Reverend Ian McCormack


The Holy Family, Failsworth

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Anthony Mills


Holy Trinity, Doncaster

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend Jeffrey Stokoe


St Mary, Horton

Place: Blyth



St Michael, Peel Green

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Ian Hall


St Agnes and St Pancras, Toxteth Park

Place: Liverpool

The Reverend Derek Lloyd


St Paul, Royton

Place: Shaw



St Hilda, Audenshaw

Place: Audenshaw

The Reverend John Kershaw


St James, Owton Manor

Place: Hartlepool

The Reverend Stephen Locke


St Hilda, Prestwich

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Ronald Croft


St John, Knutsford

Place: Knutsford

The Reverend Nigel Atkinson


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