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The Good Shepherd, Sunderland Ford

Place: Sunderland

The Reverend Beresford Skelton


St Aidan, Crompton

Place: Bolton

The Reverend Tony Davies


St Mary, Micklefield

Place: Micklefield

The Reverend Christopher Wilton


St John, Knutsford

Place: Knutsford

The Reverend Nigel Atkinson


St Columba, Anfield

Place: Anfield

The Reverend Daniel Howard


St Mary Magdalene, Winton

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Ian Hall


St Helen, Carlin How

Place: Carlin How

The Reverend Adam Gaunt


St Michael, Garton in Holderness

Place: Garton in Holderness

The Reverend Martin Faulkner


St Hugh of Lincoln, New Cantley

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend Andrew Howard


St Michael, Peel Green

Place: Manchester

The Reverend Ian Hall


St George, Netherfield

Place: Nottingham



St Luke, Grimethorpe

Place: Grimethorpe

The Reverend Canon Paul Cartwright


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