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Christ the King, Bowburn

Place: Durham

The Reverend John Livesley


St Andrew, Accrington

Place: Accrington



St Agnes and St Pancras, Toxteth Park

Place: Liverpool

The Reverend Derek Lloyd


St Hilda, Cross Green

Place: Leeds

The Reverend Darren Percival


St John, Seaton Hirst

Place: Seaton Hirst

The Reverend David Twomey


St Helen, Carlin How

Place: Carlin How

The Reverend Adam Gaunt


St Christopher & St Nicholas, Blackpool

Place: Blackpool

The Reverend Martin Daniels


St Catherine with St Alban and St Paul, Burnley

Place: Burnley

The Reverend Roger Parker


St Mary Magdalen, Accrington

Place: Accrington



St Stephen with St Matthias, Sneinton

Place: Nottingham



St Hilda, Audenshaw

Place: Audenshaw

The Reverend John Kershaw


St Mark with Christchurch, Glodwick

Place: Oldham



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