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St Benedict, Cowpen

Place: Blyth



St Aidan, Crompton

Place: Bolton

The Reverend Tony Davies


St Augustine, Tonge Moor

Place: Bolton

The Reverend Tony Davies


St Matthew, Little Lever

Place: Bolton

The Reverend John Wiseman


St Andrew, Bolton-upon-Dearne

Place: Bolton-upon-Dearne

The Reverend Carl Schaefer


St John the Evangelist, Bierley

Place: Bradford

The Reverend Paul Wheelhouse


St Chad, Toller Lane

Place: Bradford

The Reverend Liam Beadle


St Paul, Brierley

Place: Brierley



St Helen, Carlin How

Place: Carlin How

The Reverend Adam Gaunt


St John the Evangelist, Carlinghow

Place: Carlinghow

The Reverend Gordon Newton


Christ Church, Chadderton

Place: Chadderton

The Reverend John Simmons


St James, Congleton

Place: Congleton

The Reverend Colin Sanderson


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