Bishop Glyn's Christmas Message

Posted on the 24th Dec 2014 in the Category - News

Bishop Glyn sends his greetings and best wishes to all for a Happy Christmas.  May our hearts be full of joy, wonder and adoration as we reflect on the central truth of Christmas, namely that God loves his world so much that he didn't form a committee, or even set up a task group, but rather that he sent it Only Son, to prove the extent of that love.


As we ask God to accept our love and thanksgiving for the great gift of his Son, may we pray that he will fill us with the spirit of charity and goodwill, that we may show our gratitude in generous service to those who need our help.


As we celebrate Christmas is the comfort and warmth of our own homes and the company of those we love, let's remember to pray for all those who will be alone, the suffering, the bereaved, those in our own country and throughout the world who have no homes and those who live in sordid conditions.  May they and we find in the One born in Bethlehem that the hopes and fears of all are met in him, as he is the source of light and life.

God bless you all