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St John, Edlington

Place: Edlington

The Reverend Stephen Edmonds


St Jude, Hexthorpe

Place: Doncaster

The Reverend Stephen Edmonds


St Mark, Chadderton

Place: Oldham

The Reverend Stephen Smith


St Oswald, Hartlepool

Place: Hartlepool

The Reverend Graeme Buttery


St Columba, Anfield

Place: Anfield

The Reverend Daniel Howard


St Thomas, Huddersfield

Place: Huddersfield

The Reverend Leslie Pinfield


St Mary Magdalene, Altofts

Place: Normanton

The Reverend David Teasdel


The Good Shepherd, Sunderland Ford

Place: Sunderland

The Reverend Beresford Skelton


St John, Horbury Bridge

Place: Horbury

The Reverend Christopher Johnson


St Helen, Auckland

Place: Bishop Auckland

The Reverend Robert McTeer


St Saviour with All Saints, Scarborough

Place: Scarborough

The Reverend David Dixon


St Bede, Newsham

Place: Blyth

The Reverend Canon Ian Flintoft


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